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Whether by land, air, or sea, we give you true end-to-end visibility of your shipments across the globe. Stay in control of supply chain logistics with item-level precision, and without expensive infrastructure or workflow changes.

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Tracking is only the beginning

Owning all three points of a fully-integrated platform—hardware, software, data—gives you end-to-end visibility and unmatched granular insight into your shipments across disparate networks.

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The whole truth, down to the item

You’re always in the know at the item-level without third-party dashboards, across intermediaries and all phases of the supply chain.

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No need for new infrastructure

No infrastructure investments. No installation. No downtime. No change in workflow. No training. That’s a lot of no for something so positive.

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It’s disposable

With our practical form factor, there's no need to worry about reverse logistics, charging, or the reprogramming of devices.

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Complex sensing

No matter what you’re shipping, our sensors detect everything from environmental anomalies to time tables to tampering, sending real-time alarms right to your inbox. It's autonomous parcels done right.

Smart. And always getting smarter.

Our solution is always learning, gathering more and more data to make itself smarter and your experience better. Combine that with an indisputable chain of custody and your finger will always be on the pulse of your shipments.

A smarter link in the supply chain

With one platform that cuts across all technologies and real-time end-to-end monitoring and Invisibles™ technology, we can solve supply chain problems—from spoilage to theft to safety—before they start.


Closely monitor everything from inventory and environment to arrivals and departures, improving safety, preventing loss, and recovering theft.


Keep high-value items safe by preventing accidents, loss, and theft with around-the-clock monitoring, and ensure your shipment arrives on time and unscathed.

Cold chain

Minimize quality loss with real-time alarms that detect environmental anomalies as they occur.


Hit time-critical milestones by dynamically optimizing routes and efficiently managing the unexpected, all while enabling just-in-time manufacturing.

Global logistics

True end-to-end visibility on all transportation modes with real-time monitoring, visibility of strategic events and automated actions.

Indoor and Yard

Indoor navigation and locationing of assets as well as identification of key events such as opening doors.

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